Nonprofit-Related Courses for Spring 2012


Nonprofit-Related Courses for Spring 2012 

Spring term begins the week of April 2, finals week ends June 16, 2012

The course schedule is subject to change. It was last updated 4/13/2012


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·         “Governance of Nonprofit Organizations” (formerly Boards & Commissions) with Linda Golaszewski(PA522 Sec 001 CRN 62763 and noncredit) Wednesdays 6:40-9:20pm plus online. Room CLY 201. Need ODIN for D2L.

·         “Grantwriting” with Michael Wells (PA525 Sec 001 CRN 62764 and noncredit) Fridays and Saturdays, April 13-14, May 11-12, June 1-2. Fridays 6-9pm, Saturdays 9am to 5pm. Room LH301

·         “Introduction to Nonprofit Management” with Andreas Schroeer and Dennis Morrow (PA520 Sec 001 CRN 62762 and noncredit) Tuesdays 4-6:30pm plus online. Room CH 328.Need ODIN for D2L.

·         “Social Entrepreneurship” with Andreas Schroeer (New Section and CRN - PA541 Sec 002 CRN 65785 and noncredit) Fridays and Saturdays. May 4-5 and June 1-2. Fridays 4-9:20pm, Saturdays 9am to 5pm, plus online. Room SRTC 101. Need ODIN for D2L. 

·         "Women’s Development & Microfinance" with Suzanne Feeney (PA410 Sec 001 CRN 65678, PA510 Sec 005 CRN 65679, and noncredit) Thursdays 4-6:30pm. Room SH 244.

Credit & Noncredit Options

Depending on the circumstances, our nonprofit-related courses may be taken for Graduate Academic Credit (PA500 series) or as part of our noncredit Nonprofit Management Certificate Program. Some may be taken for Undergraduate Academic Credit (PA400 series). Courses may also be taken a la carte. They may be taken for a grade, pass/no pass, or as an audit (with permission of the instructor and payment of usual tuition).


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